By Jim Howell

There could be more to bead-loc's than you thought

Here are some of the steps it took to install my Champion bead-loc's. I finally found some 70's era American Racing Aluminum slots. These are by far my favorite rims for the bronco. So I sent them to Champion Wheel in Fresno Ca. to have the rings welded on.

click on the pics to make them bigger.

Here you can see the shoulder of the inner ring used to center the tire on the rim. You can also see the knurled inner bead. This is used to give that little extra sealing.

The tire is centered on the rim.

Here is the inner side of the outer ring. You can also see the knurled face.

Here you can see the tapered recesses for the head of the bolt's. As you torque these bolts down the outer ring will flex so the bolt heads sit flat in these tapered cuts.

Ready to start the long proccess of tourqeing the bolts down.

The bead of a bogger is about 1 1/8" thick so I had to use longer bolts to get the shorter grade 8 bolts to start.

And the old stand by, is crude but effective. and just as accurate as a clicker.

Don't forget the anti-seize. This prevents the dissimilar metals from corroding, and to stop from galling the threads.

Here I'm trying to show the weld for the inner bead. It looks like mig spray arc. and it is beefy. 5/8's fillet, nice!

I started the 4 longer bolts to draw the ring down on the bead of the tire so I could start the shorter bolts.

Started adding the bolts.

Putting my little one's to work.

I used to have steel rims that have a thin bolting flange. The Aluminum rims I have now have a 1 inch mounting flange so I had to get longer wheel studs. Here is my oldest daughter pressing the studs in.


Here she is putting the axle back in.

I don't want to hear anything about child labor law's, I pay her union wages with benefits.

Ready to bolt them up.

Here they are. After about 4 hours. They look sweet. Now I just need the time to try them at 4 PSI on the rocks.



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